IMAGE® Herbicide Brush & Vine Killer Ready-to-Spray

IMAGE® Brush & Vine Killer Ready-to-Spray is a postemergent, non-selective herbicide for use on unwanted brush and vines. Brush and vines are killed completely with no regrowth from the roots. The treated area can be replanted in just one month.

Apply IMAGE Brush & Vine Killer anytime brush is actively growing

Covers up to 4,000 sq. ft.




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Poison Oak

Poison Oak

poison ivy

Poison Ivy




Horsetail Brush

IMAGE® Herbicide Brush & Vine Killer Ready-to-Spray Instructions

IMAGE® Brush & Vine Killer Ready-to-Spray anytime brush is actively growing: In spring, apply after leaves are fully open. In summer, apply when there is sufficient water. In the fall, apply before leaves begin to change color. Spray when the air is calm and there is no wind. Wet the brush completely with the spray. This product works through the leaves and bark - excess spray that runs off onto the soil will not improve control. After leaves have dropped off (4-6 weeks after spraying), cut down the brush and dispose of it. Once the brush is gone, the area may be replanted.

Ready-To-Spray Application

Applying IMAGE® Herbicide is easy and requires little cleanup.

This ready-to-spray bottle requires no mixing or measuring.

Apply at the rate of 1 quart of this product to cover up to 4,000 sq. ft.

Make sure knob control lever is in the OFF position. Shake well and attach to hose.

Turn water on a faucet, aim nozzle toward brush and turn control lever to ON to begin spraying. The product will automatically siphon and mix with water.

When finished turn control lever to OFF position. Turn faucet off. Discharge residual water pressure by turning control lever ON and OFF again.

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