IMAGE® Herbicide Brush & Vine Killer Concentrate

IMAGE® Brush & Vine Killer Concentrate is a postemergent, non-selective herbicide for use on unwanted brush and vines. Brush and vines are killed completely with no regrowth from the roots. The treated area can be replanted in just one month.

Apply IMAGE Brush & Vine Killer anytime brush is actively growing

Covers up to 4,000 sq. ft.

Image Herbicide Brush & Vine Killer Concentrate





Poison Oak 

Poison Oak

poison ivy 

Poison Ivy




Horsetail Brush

IMAGE® Herbicide Brush & Vine Killer Concentrate Instructions

Use IMAGE® Brush & Vine Killer Concentrate anytime brush is actively growing: In spring, apply after leaves are fully open. In summer, apply when there is sufficient water. In the fall, apply before leaves begin to change color. Spray when the air is calm and there is no wind. Wet the brush completely with the spray. This product works through the leaves and bark - excess spray that runs off onto the soil will not improve control. After leaves have dropped off (4-6 weeks after spraying), cut down the brush and dispose of it. Once the brush is gone, the area may be replanted.

Concentrate Application

Mix with water and spray using a pump sprayer or a hose-end sprayer.

Shake well before using.

Follow the mixing instructions below. Use the higher amounts when conditions are especially dry and on mature or hard to kill brush (such as ash, blackgum, chokeberry, elm, maple, oak, pine or winged elm), to prevent resprouting. 

Use this amount of Brush & Vine Killer in this amount of water to cover this area

½ - 1 cup (4 - 8 fl. oz.) - 1 gallon - 500 sq. ft.

1 - 2 cups (8 - 16 fl. oz.) - 2 gallons - 1000 sq. ft.

1½ - 3 cups (12 - 24 fl. oz.) - 3 gallons - 1500 sq. ft.

For stump treatment: Right after the tree or bush has been cut down, apply this product to the stump. Use the product straight from the bottle; do not add water. Use a paint brush or small sprayer to completely cover the freshly cut surface.

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