Image® Casoron Application Instruction

Where to Apply

Casoron Granules should be applied only to established woody plants those which have been planted for at least four months. Casoron Granules will selectively control annual grassy and certain perennial weeds around established ornamental trees and shrubs, many fruit and nut trees, roses and berries. See label for specific trees, shrubs and berries. Coverage: 8 lb Resealable Bag treats up to 1700 sq. feet.

When to Apply

For annual weeds, apply in early spring before weeds emerge or after removing weeds.

For perennial weeds, apply after a killing frost from late fall to early winter.

How to Apply

Before application, remove existing weeds. Thoroughly work and smooth the area to be treated.

Measure area to treat with granules. Shake Casoron Granules uniformly on the soil at the rates specified below.

On this plant Use this amount of Casoron Granules per 10 square feet
Ornamental woody shrubs, blackberries, raspberries 2 Tbsp.
Fruit and nut trees, blueberries, grapes 2 - 3 Tbsp.

If the soil is not wet, immediately after application sprinkle lightly to moisten the soil - inch deep.


  • Do not apply this product in a way that will contact any person or pets, either directly or through drift.
  • Keep people and pets out of the area during application.
  • Do not apply to transplant or cutting beds or to newly set transplants.
  • Do not use on extremely light sandy soils.
  • If a second application is needed, do not apply more than 18 oz. per 100 square feet in total per treatment site per year.
  • Do not apply to areas on slope above lawns or susceptible crops as runoff water from treated area could cause injury.


Weeds and grasses will not grow in treated areas for one year.


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